If you are a Corrections Officer - your ID Badge must say Corrections Officer for you to get Glock's LEO pricing.

Law Enforcement Program


  • All sworn Law Enforcement Agents
    (State, County, and Local)
  • All Federal Law Enforcement Agents
    (FBI, Marshalls, DEA, etc.)
  • All Correction Officers, including Parole & Probation Officers
  • Retired LEO w/retired credentials
  • State Licensed Security Companies
  • State/City Licensed Security Officers
  • Active Military - All Branches
  • Retired Military Veterans w/retired credentials
  • ALL TSA Employees
  • Licensed Paramedics & Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Firefighters (including volunteer)
  • Commercial Pilot License holders & Federal Flight Deck Officers
  • Court Judges, District Attorneys, & Deputy District Attorneys

The following participate in the Law Enforcement Program: Beretta, FNH, Glock.

If you are on the approved list below, you may be eligible to participate in the LEO Program. This program offers discounts to those who are law enforcement, when you purchase certain models of Berettas, FNHs, and Glocks. Depending on the model, you could save up to $100. In order to receive the discount, we must have a copy of your Law Enforcement ID.

Please see the list below to see if you qualify! If you are not on the approved list, please contact us to see if you qualify.

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No transfers after 5:30pm Monday-Friday and 3:30pm on Saturday.​

Note: All firearm purchases require a background check. It is possible that any firearm listed on our website can be sold before you contact us. If you are interested, please call or email ASAP!

Phone: 570-366-0179


  • Any person who fails a background check will  be charged a $50 fee. 
  • If you do not have a gun lock when transferring a firearm, you will be charged $3.00 on top of the transfer fee. If you bring a lock, you will NOT be charged.